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“Welcome ”

GiroKa is an independent video game development studio based in Ottawa, Canada founded in the spring of 2012. We are currently working on 2 new titles;The Order of Turios" a MMO Card Game and GirokaGames.com tools NV game builder complete solution and Tools. These revolutionairy tools will allow anyone to build their own game. All they need is a great game idea. Our Team strives towards delivering its future gamers & designers.
02/2024 Map generator dev on schedule. 09/2023 Asset organizer is ready for beta texting. 06/2022 These tools will allow to make RPG VN Hybrid game or any other like => DnD, ADV, Otome, Bishoujo, OELVN, EVN, Denpa, Utsuge, Nakige. 03/2021 We started work on a set of tools to allow anyone to create a game. 01/2020 We are style working on our titles. but at a slower pace. Currently working for other client to gather funds ;) 09/2019 The Xtractor Defender is now available on STEAM to play. ENJOY !!! 06/2017 We have just awarded an illustrations contract for new IP The Order of Turios. 10/2016 We have re-started work on Dr. Same Archer and switch is genre from side scroller to Novel/Text game. 02/2016 We enrolled 2 new members a Graphic designer and Product Manager 06/2017 We are Evaluating Illustrator for our MMO
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