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“Welcome ”

GiroKa is an independent video game development studio based in Ottawa, Canada founded in the spring of 2012. We are currently working on 2 new titles;The Order of Turios" a MMO Card Game and Dr. Sam Archer single player Novel game. The web based Games will allow game play on any platform all around the world. Our Team strives towards delivering its future gamers with an intuitive game play experience combined with captivating graphics,sound and story line.
09/2018 We have lauch our Landing Page for our upcomming Crowdfunding Campaign. 06/2017 We have just awarded an illustrations contract for new IP The Order of Turios. 10/2016 We have re-started work on Dr. Same Archer and switch is genre from side scroller to Novel/Text game. 02/2016 We enrolled 2 new members a Graphic designer and Product Manager 06/2017 We are Evaluating Illustrator for our MMO
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